McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Last month,  I was calling on volunteers for my McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release case studies.
What a blast and a big thank you to my willing volunteers! They and I experienced results which were just amazing. I am so very excited to have this technique at my fingertips (literally).
I worked on two mastectomy scars, a keloid scar left after a mole was removed, a caesarian scar and a scar caused by back surgery more than 50 years ago. In all cases, the scars were significantly softer, some changed colour and texture and there was a greater freedom of movement and change in the surrounding and underlying tissue. In one case, there was an unexpected emotional release.

“What effect can scars have on the body?” you may ask.
Well, they may:

  • cause restrictions in the fascia (the connective tissue that joins muscles and organs)
  • cause reduction in blood and lymph flow
  • weaken muscular strength
  • reduce the flow of energy (chi)
  • inhibit joint movement
  • feel or look unpleasant and may even upset us emotionally.

How does it work? Think of the way a sock is darned. The collagen at the site of a scar does a similar thing, overlapping fibres to knit the damaged area back together. This action often results in lumpiness, sensitivity, tautness and unevenness. MSTR helps to ‘tease out’ these fibres, allowing lymph and blood to flow more freely and increase softness at the site.
Scars can affect our bodies without us even realising. As an example, abdominal scarring can be the cause of back pain.
I have been working with one client, using Emmett, to improve her range of movement after a mastectomy. We were having reasonable success but, after 2 sessions of MSTR, her range improved dramatically…WOW! I can just see so much potential, using this technique alongside my Emmett and massage work as well!
Time for a testimonial –  from my C-Section client:
Colleen treated my c-section scar recently and absolutely blew me away with the results! The tissue under my scar no longer feels lumpy (used to feel like I’d hidden a marble collection in there!), the whole area feels less tight and no longer painful. I was not aware that the scar had an emotional impact on me but after our session I felt so happy and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I have also noticed that I have a lot more freedom of movement and feelings of length and ease through my midsection that was not there before treatment of the scar. The scar also appears less noticeable being softer and flatter. I can’t stop telling people about the miraculous transformation and would recommend Colleen to anyone with any scar tissue. 

Enough said…you may have noticed that I’m pretty excited about this.

If you, family, friends have a pesky scar, I’m here to help!
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