Massage therapy is a widely recognised and accepted form of treatment which is used for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. A relaxing, tactile therapy such as massage can help to address today’s many health problems which stem from the stress of living in our busy, modern times.
In general terms, massage helps to restore the structural balance of the body and it helps to relieve stress and promotes emotional, mental and spiritual well-being giving rise to the “aah” factor felt at the end of massage.

More specifically, massage is beneficial in a whole host of areas.

Massage Therapy:
• Reduces pain
• Increases metabolism
• Promotes circulation of blood and lymph
• Induces relaxation
• Reduces oedema
• Improves range of joint motion
• Aids recovery from exercise
• Aids stress management
• Can soften scar tissue and loosen adhesions
• Can address hypertension
• Improves sleep patterns
• Gives an improved feeling of wellness

Considering the many benefits that massage can provide, it is little wonder, then, that people are heard to say “I could do with a good massage”.

What clients have said about massage

“I first met Colleen when she was recommended to me by a friend who is a nurse. In the years since then we have worked on various health matters together as issues arise. I have a busy work practice, with many hours spent in front of a computer. Colleen is able to assist with releasing the tension within my neck and shoulders and helps to bring me to relaxation. It is always with a deep sigh that I climb onto Colleen’s table knowing that for the next 60 minutes my body will be carefully massaged into a better state of health.
Thank you Colleen. You are an essential part of my health care”  Maria Kelly