A belated spring greeting to you all.
As I’m writing, the sky is blue, everything has been washed clean and the stunning colours of jacarandas, flame trees and silky oaks abound…life is good!
For many of us.
It saddens and concerns me to think that some of us are so busy trying to ‘live’ that our heads are down, our brows are furrowed, busily getting on with ‘it’ without taking time to care for ourselves. I am being visited by so many clients at the moment who are stressed and feeling anxious. I have been enjoying helping clients who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or need some TLC. A relaxing massage can certainly be of benefit or an Emmett treatment that can target areas of the body which tense up or go into ‘protection mode’…neck, shoulders, upper back between the shoulder blades, lower back, diaphragm, throat, tummy are just a few areas that react. Do you identify with any of these? As luck would have it, this article landed in my email from The Mindfulness Summit. I have extracted parts from it, but the link is included for those of you who would like to read the complete article…it’s well worth the read.

THE 7 (PROVEN) KEYS TO IMPROVING YOUR MENTAL HEALTH from https://mrsmindfulness.com/category/articles/

It’s well known that exercise is important for keeping our bodies healthy, but did you know that exercise is also vital for good mental health? Research shows that people who exercise regularly have better mental health, reduced risk of developing mental illness and greater emotional well-being too.


Increases your energy levels both mentally and physically.
Helps you sleep better, and good sleep helps regulate your emotions.
Can improve confidence and self-esteem as you achieve a healthy goal
Changes hormones and chemicals in the brain in mood boosting ways including an ‘endorphin rush’ that increases feelings of calm and happiness as well as improving focus and memory.
Can be an outlet for irritation, frustration and bad moods.

Keeping physically active doesn’t have to mean working out at the gym, it can be simply going for a walk in the park. Experts advise that at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week is ideal. If you’re not currently exercising why not start small with a goal that feels immediately achievable – like just 5 to 10 minutes a day. Start small and you can build up from there. This is often the best way to form new habits.

Mindfulness (a form of meditative awareness) involves training our attention and learning to have a more wise and skilful relationship with our own minds. Mindfulness teaches us to unhook from unhelpful and unproductive thought patterns and behaviours. It involves learning to steady our awareness in the present moment rather than getting lost in our heads worrying, ruminating about problems or locked into self-criticism or negative judgements.

Reduces stress, depression and anxiety
Increases stress resilience
Brings feelings of peace and inner calm
Improves relationships
Improves overall sense of well-being and life satisfaction



Do you have a harsh inner critic? It’s common to beat ourselves up and berate ourselves but research shows this habit of self-criticism comes at a price: It makes us lose confidence, feel unhappy with our lives and even leads to depression and anxiety.
Self-compassion is a way of relating to ourselves more kindly and studies show it makes us happier and gives us better overall emotional wellbeing People who are kinder to themselves tend to be happier.
You can try some exercises to learn greater self-compassion as well as some guided meditations here.

We humans are social animals. We crave to feel connected and supported and to feel valued by others. Studies have shown that social connection is a vital key to good mental health.
Good social connection has even been linked to having a longer life.
Sometimes social connection can be a heart-to-heart talk over coffee but sometimes it can be a short phone call, or an email or message. Make sure to make time to connect with the loved ones in your life on a regular basis.
If you feel your current social life isn’t giving you enough connection, you can take steps to form new ones such as

Enrol in a class or hobby that interests you. You’ll be able to connect with others who share a common interest as well as getting out there and trying something new.
Join a book club, hiking club or other group such a knitting, meditation groups, fitness groups, community gardens or mothers groups.
Try volunteer work. Not only will you bond with other volunteers and recipients but helping others gives you that warm fuzzy feeling too.
Reach out and connect to people. Ask people out for coffees, dinners or to events like movies or bands. Try to get out and meet new people.


There have been lots of fabulous things happening in the EMMETT world.
Our first international conference took place in Cairns in April.
There were practitioners representing most of the 35 countries where the EMMETT Technique for humans, horses and small animals is now being taught and practised. What a fabulous few days of collaboration, inspiration and sharing of experiences and expertise. EMMETT Technique has been adopted by many professionals, including physiotherapists, especially in European countries such as Germany and Croatia.
Additionally, there was evidence-based data shared concerning the amazing results that EMMETT Technique affords in reducing pain and discomfort. Statistics were collected during long-distance bike riding events and in an industrial site where changes in pain were statistically significant before and after treatments…WOW…we already knew that but it is so good to have data and evidence! There were also wonderful results when the balance of residents in an Aged Care facility were tested.
An example of the impressive results:

A reminder that I am available weekdays with later appointments on Tuesday and Thursday.
With Christmas on the horizon, a good tune up may well be due…come and see me!
A gift voucher for a massage or restorative treatment for your loved ones or friends/colleagues is always a very much appreciated present.

I am offering my special – a lymphatic treatment and foot massage for the fabulous price of $55.00 during December and January. Always a winner!!

I look forward to seeing you to be able to sustain your good health or to ease your pain and discomfort!
Colleen Kelly